9 Easy Ways To Download YouTube Videos

youtube video

YouTube is a popular video sharing website and allows users to upload videos for others to view. It is also a novel way to earn money by creating appropriate age-related videos and letting others subscribe to your channel. youtube to mp3 download is simple, and several software applications can help you. For news on latest software releases, you can visit www.softzone.es and recommend your friends to them.

If you are a YouTube fan, here are the different ways of how you can download videos and save them to your system’s hard drive for offline viewing.

Firefox Plugin
Watching videos got easier with Better YouTube. Yes, that’s the latest extension for Firefox that puts together Greasemonkey scripts. For the uninitiated, Greasemonkey is a user script manager that allows users to install scripts and make relevant changes to the web content, either before or after the page is loaded on the screen.

You can find a download button that links you to a YouTube page. Once you finish downloading the content, name the file and add an extension. FLV to it.

Keep It Sweet And Simple Youtube
This sounds more like a name for a cookie. Kiss YouTube is another latest and trending way to download videos. What you need to do:
• When you are watching a video on YouTube, you come across a link like www.youtube.com/results?search_query=minions+full+movie
• Before the domain name, insert the word ‘kiss,’ and your link will appear like this: www.kissyoutube.com/results?search_query=minions+full+movie.
• Once you are done, press the ‘Enter’ key which will redirect you to the website. Download the file and save it to your desktop.

Would you instead download a video without installing the software and going through the terms and conditions? Here’s a solution for you. Zamzar is an online file converter that allows users to convert files without downloading any additional tools. It supports file formats like JPG, MP3, PDF, DOC and so on.

This is similar to YouTube and lets you download and save content into iTunes. It gives you an option of searching and saving YouTube files.

YouTube Catcher
Use this tool to download videos from DailyMotion, MySpace, and Google, and convert the files to a different format. It has a fast conversion rate and supports download from several sites.

Tube Leecher
Like its predecessors, Tube Leecher is used to download videos and save them on your desktop. A major benefit is that it provides an FLV player to enable you to view videos.

Apart from the download button, this site features list of top trending videos so you can add them to your playlist.

This enchanting name is actually a service that lets you convert an FLV file to MPEG4 and other related formats. On submitting an URL, it converts the file to the supported video format which can be download by the user.

You are not going to find any fancy features or buttons, but this tool is easy to use. You have an option of sharing the video with your friends by email. Remember to include the extension. FLV when you save the file.

There you go. This compilation of tools differ in the number of features, but they promise you to make your experience of video watching pleasant and simple.


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