Games for children on the Internet

Almost 75% of the German population is equipped with computers and internet. In the meantime, the Internet is now part of the life day for many people.

The omnipresent media accessibility is helping to ensure that media consumption is becoming increasingly popular among the little ones in society. This is not always the joy of parents and educators, who are often faced with the difficult task of keeping an eye on the offerings in the jungle of media offers, In computer games in particular, anxious parents are prone to rigorous prohibitions or special rigs, which are anything but effective, especially since computer games play a special fascination with children and an important world of experience is closed to them during renunciation.

In addition, in the context of a constantly modernizing learning culture, the safe handling of media products is already expected and assumed.
Competent educator behavior thus entails the education of media competency , thus enabling the children to deal with media and their contents in a way that is appropriate to their needs and needs.

Computer games: chances and risks

The medium computer games can be attributed both negative and positive effects. Thus, the informal character of many (learning) games, the promotion of logical thinking as well as spatial imagination, the increase of creativity as well as the imagination, and last but not least the fun of playing activity are counted as the advantages. Critical arguments, on the other hand, are presented with regard to the uncontrolled excessive use of games as well as of violent and non-age-appropriate media products.

In order to alleviate the difficulty which parents and educators encounter when selecting favorable and promising game offerings, recommendations are made in the following section regarding child-friendly browsergames . In particular, the suggestions and suggestions of the “Federal Inspectorate” as well as the “Federal Ministry for Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth” (BMFSFJ) are taken into account.

Educationally valuable games

Particularly high-quality Browsergames for children are awarded annually with the “Tommi” , whose editors are the magazine for parents and children “play and learn”. The following games were awarded in 2011:
“CARS 2 (Disney Interactive Studios)” : An exciting racing game with a multiplayer mode.

“The SIMS MIDDLE AGES” : A varied simulation game, with which the children can travel to the Middle Ages and lead a life as king or queen.

“PUDDING PANIC” : a fast- paced, fast-paced puzzle game that encourages and promotes children’s combination.

The software prize GIGA-Maus is a seal of quality and awards particularly recommended family software and online offers.
In the category “the best online offer to play and overall winner in the group children 4-6 years” won “TOM” :

Winner in the category “children 6 to 10 years-game” won as the best online offer “the football field” .

The winner of the “Children from 10 Years” category won
“The Settlers 7 (Ubisoft GmbH) as the best game . A similar game is also very popular:
The Settlers Online .
In the “Family” category, the best online game portal

” Energetika 2010 ” is suitable for children from 12 years of age.
For further browsergames, the Federal Inspectorate recommends the ” Internet ABC ” , which has compiled a database for children’s games.


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